Our story

Our story

My childhood was spent as a tomboy learning to be a lady in the westernised environs of army cantonments in northern India.

But summers were different. Summers were about visiting grandparents, in a green fertile village overlooking the Nilgiri mountains, an hour’s drive from the tourist town of Ooty. The memories of those summers are still vivid; granny’s whitewashed house, dung plated verandah and tiled roof. Carefree days spent in thin cotton dresses running under grape creepers on the farm or at home watching granny elegantly draped in her workday handwoven saree doing yoga or making cold pressed coconut oil to gift to cousins and uncles across the world.

A nostalgia for the simpler times, cleaner living and a fear that living in harmony with our tropical climate was likely to be lost forever, was the trigger to starting The Revival Project.

Grandma’s favourite weaves survived rough use and were airy in the hottest summers. By reimagining these fabrics in new colors and contemporary patterns, we have transformed them into clothing for the modern woman. We have married the comfort and elegance of traditional fabrics with international styling to fashion an effortless everyday wardrobe in sync with her city lifestyle.

Over the last 3 years, we have travelled a distance in our revival journey. We have established fair trade practices, worked with ethical producers and exclusively used natural fibres. As we travel, explore and interact with our craft communities across the country, we can see that there is scope to do so much more. One day we would love to extend The Revival Project's philosophy to food, bringing the health benefits of forgotten grains to the mainstream and to grooming, natural plant based bathing powders and deodorant creams.

What’s life without a dream!