India Festive

What is it that makes a piece of art or music arresting? Why does something pique our interest, hold our attention yet we find it difficult to describe or vocalise the attraction. Be it art, music, photography, food or writing, the most interesting things seem to have layers, depth and nuance that draws us in and keeps us enthralled.


India festive draws from this nuance in beauty to present disparate pieces that can be layered in various combinations to create your own piece of wearable art.

  • Sheer silk overlays in jewel tones and soft cotton underlays in neutral ebony & ivory, enable fail safe pairings.
  • Khadi cottons and handwoven silks ensure layering is utterly comfortable for tropical weather
  • Styling - Clothes that draw from Indian staples like dhotis and salwars for comfort and ease of movement yet are in sync with the modern Indian girl’s city lifestyle.